Swedish politics

Swedes are liberal, yet they always vote for the social democrats. That’s because they are so conservative. Or, as the well-known saying goes, the Swedes are a colorful people. They think blue, vote red and eat green.

Swedish English (Swenglish)

Although the Swedes generally have a very good command of the English language, sometimes they just don’t get it right.:

  • "Please take off your clothes and follow me to the whip room."
    (Translation: May I take your coat and accompany you to the VIP room)
  • "His name is Öberg, a zero with two pricks."
    (Translation: The letter ’o’ with two dots = ö) (prickar = dots)
  • "You’ll have to show your leg before entering", "Please keep hanging on the line", "He has many balls up in the air" - more Swenglish

The complete document SWEDEN - The Secret Files.



The Ambassador by Robert Gustavsson, one of the more popular Swedish comedians:



Näcken - a naked male playing the violin, example of Swedish culture, ok Folklore.